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Question about a B-25 mission on June 3, 1942

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Earlier today on the CBI history website, I was reading a first hand account of a B-25 pilot on a mission on June 3, 1942. I can't find the link again but he spoke about taking off from Dinjan, India to bomb Lashio, Burma. It was the first bomb mission in the CBI. The pilot said they had early maps showing the mountains as 9,000 ft high when they were really 10,000 ft. On the way to Kunming after the bomb mission, three of the B-25s crashed into the mountains.


I have been unable to find the three crews and the three B-25s that crashed. Does anyone know how I may be able to find out more about the planes and crews?


Thank you in advance, Kat

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So far, the crew members I have found are


Omer Adelade Duquette who was a Doolittle Raider

Lt Langdon Dwight Long

Charles Richard Hedge


I do not know which planes they were on when they crashed.



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Check out the history of the 11th bombardment squadron. They were the first B25 squadron in the CBI, and the only unit possible.

Correct. The 11th bombardment squadron is the one I found. I am trying to find out which three planes and crews from the squadron were killed in the mission on June 3, 1942.


I have not been able to find anything in the history of the 11th.



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Staff sergeant Melvin J. Gardner was also a Doolittle raider. He flew on the 11th aircraft HARI KARI-ER Captain C. R. Greening's plane.

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