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The Early 70s ABC 4:30 Movie Intro

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Here's one for the over 50 Crowd from the New York Metropolitan - Tri State Area, the 1969-1973 Intro to Channel 7's 4:30 Movie, seen a few great war movies, The Longest Day, The Great Escape to name two, but remember, they showed them in two parts, one each day, Bridge on the River Kwai was shown in Five Parts, one each day during the week :lol: Still it was the only game in town in those days :D


Music starts a bit into video, so wait for it.



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I remember the first one as well. Here in Detroit it was at 4:00. I remember they did a week of war movies each year and also monster week with Godzilla etc... Used to run home from the bus stop, get a snack, get the homework done and wait for those movies! Scott


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What about the million dollar movie theme on channel 9 I believe. Also on around midday. Maybe you find it kev


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I remember that! Been a long time! As a kid, a million dollar movie sounded very impressive. Now they spend more than that on the movie trailers.



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Remember way back when when Major Motion Pictures were seen for Theee Very first time on National Broadcast T.V. at night, it was an EVENT,, and T.V Guide making the most of it, remember those days? Like Doctor Zhivago first was broadcast, West Side Story, Bridge on the River Kwai The Sound of Music, Lawrence of Arabia, The Sting, Some Like it Hot, ZULU etc etc etc. :D

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