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SpanAm War photos

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Hi all, I was going through a box of my late grandfather's things and found these photos of the SpanAm war. He was an engineer for Boeing and navy reservist in the 30's and 40's. I was wondering if anyone tell me anything about them. (there are a total of 7 and it looks like I'll need a few posts to do it.)




This picture below says on the back, "Vessel sunk to block Cevera - Santiago"





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Great Photos !

In Memory of Air Corps Technical Sergeant Carl F. Durfee. He died of wounds on 30 December 1944 while serving in the South Pacific. You are not forgotten.

ASMIC member

American Legion member

US Air Force & Air National Guard TAC - MAC

JOHN N. DANIELS ---152nd COMPANY C New York State Infantry--- captured 1864 survivor of Andersonville ---- Great-Great-Great Uncle

Captain Robert L. Hosler, 522nd Fighter/Bomber Sq. 12th Army Air Corp. World War Two P47 Pilot - 1 DFC- 5 Air Medal & 0ne Purple Heart---Uncle

1st Sgt Ann Barry, US Army Air Corp WAC World War Two --ETO --- Aunt

Sgt Willam M. Barry, USMC----Pacific World War Two--Father



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