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Stumped! Balloon Wing

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As some of you know I'm disposing of a superb collection of wings and patches on eBay (ID: Wings-Patches). However my wing knowledge is limited and I only want to post original pieces, correctly described. This Balfour-like design has a hallmark I don't recognize nor am I certain of the age and value. Help will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. And please check my listings weekly.




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These are a Balfour restrike. I attached a pic from another post that shows the symbol and the "ster" mark was used on the later wings. It's really cool that you are putting in the research before posting wings for sale.


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I was told by Russ Huff that these were actually made by LGB in the 70's ,on the original dies, at the request of collectors. Then the dies were destroyed. I don't know that I would "trash "them personally.

Paul Conrad
Still looking for quality wings!


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