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AAF 1-Piece Leather Flight - Need Information Please?

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Can anyone identify this flight suit? It is a 1-piece leather flight suit with map case & bail out O2 bottle holder/mouth tube(right leg), leather belt. AAF stamps x2 (left front), internal suspenders, Talon zippers, and patched left shoulder. No tags, the little information I have is that it is a pre-WWII suit. I am looking for more specifics here, such a Model No., time period, etc., if possible. Appreciate any help...






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I love the contrasting leather colors but I have never seen sleeves like that on this type of suit. Obviously an early suit and the HQ patch makes sense timewise but I have not seen too many leather patches prewar, never a HQ patch in leather, and it wasn't as common to patch a shearling piece as say an A-2 - especially prewar. It varies from the B-7s and B-9 a bit so hard to say a model. Very unique rigger-style mods to this suit but who did it? Does anyone else think McCook / Wright Patterson Field testing piece? It might be made just to look like it. There are guys that are really into the experiments done at Wright during wartime. The issue I would have is that it displays almost too well. If was a lot of money I would certainly want to see a period picture or two in a high altitude chamber or something. Then again I have become quite cynical and conservative with this stuff anymore.


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Interesting piece, looks simular in construction to the USN one piece flight suit.

I am thinking maybe early WW2 era not pre-war based on the decal which appears to say Army Air Forces and not Army Air Corp.

Go Navy!


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