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What made a Basic Field Manual "Restricted"

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Whould like to know why some Basic Field Manuals were deemed "Restricted"?


For example:


Thnaks, - John

From the front cover of FM23-30 Hand and Rifle grenades, Rocket, AT,HE, 2.36-Inch
14 feb 1944 edition
Dissemination of restricted matter-
The information contained in restricted documents and the essential characteristics of restricted material may be given to any person known to be in the Service of the United States and to persons of undoubtful loyalty and discretion who are cooperating in government work but will not be communicated to the public or to the press except by authorized military public relations agencies (See also Par. 13B AR380-5 28 Sep 1943.1
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Normally first printings during the war were restricted if they introduced new technologies or techniques that were not deemed classified. Subsequent printings at later dates would not be restricted even though they may have the same initial publication date. Normally minor changes are released as changes, however, after numerous changes or a significant change a new publication will be produced and that will get a new publication date. Under normal conditions, not wartime, it takes about 18-24 months to get a publication through staffing and editing before it can be updated and printed unless its a staffing priority, etc.

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