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27th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron | 77th Tactical Reconnaissance Group | 3rd AAF

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27th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron | 77th Tactical Reconnaissance Group | 3rd AAF

LINEAGE. Constituted 27th Obervation Squadron on 1 Jul 1942. Activated on 17 Ju1 1942. Redesignated: 27th Observation Squadron (Fighter) on 2 Apr 1943; 27th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron on 11 Apr 1943. Disbanded on 30 Nov 1943.

ASSIGNMENTS. 77th Observation (later Reconnaissance; Tactical Reconnaissance) Group, 17 Jun 1942-30 Nov 1943.

STATIONS. Godman Field, Ky, 17 Jul 1942; Alamo Airfield, Tex, 15 Oct 1942; Abilene AAFld, Tex, 9 Apr 1943; Esler Field, La, 13 Sep 1943; Birmingham AAFld, Ala, 14-30 Nov 1943.

AIRCRAFT. Apparently included 0-47, G I , and L-4, 1942; primarily P-39, 1942-1943.

OPERATIONS. Aerial support for training ground forces.

EMBLEM. In front of a yellow orange disc, border blue, piped white, a caricatured black bear seated on a white cloud formation trimmed light blue in base, wearing a light blue aviator’s helmet and white goggles, grasping a pair of orange binoculars in the left forepaw and peering back over right shoulder. (Approved 28 Dec 1942.)


Type I | American embroidery on twill.





Type II | Multi-piece leather.




Maurer. Combat Squadrons of the Air Force World War II.


Long-time collector of WWII Aviation: AAF, USN and USMC.




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