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Grouping to Lt. L. W. Stieling

4th Miss Cav

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Picked this up today at an estate sale. The uniforms are named to Lt. L. W. Stieling O1879381 and are all in excellent condition. The uniform to the left is made by Terry and Juden Co Ltd, New Orleans LA. The Ike jackets and trousers are all dated 1951. The boots have ink stamps inside but it is too faint to make out. The maker is Hermans Shoe and Boot. Can find no label in the cap but it did have a rain cover.


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Nice finds, I love occupation era uniforms and all things post WWII US forces in Europe. The boots could be late WWII but I have a pair like yours from 1951. many of those were dyed black when the Army went to the black combat boots


Thanks for sharing.

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Judging from the photos - there are two details suggesting that those boots are of WWII paratroopers' type, and not postwar russet combat boots.

Congratulations! But to be definitely sure, one should closely examine them in hand.

However, if you are curious - check with the Jack Lemon's book "Uniforms of the Us Army Ground Forces 1939-1945, Volume 6, Footwear"

Best regards.


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