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101st patch, what do you think?

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Going on the premise now that he was a reservist or national guardsman, we have quite a bit of circular shoulder patches to chose from from units active in the late 50s to mid 60s.


For the Combat Infantry Divisions we have the.


29th Inf Div


31st Inf Div


33rd Inf Div


35th Inf Div


37th Inf Div


47th Inf Div


81st Inf Div


94th Inf Div (The Pilgrim Patch)


102nd Inf Div


103rd Inf Div




The Training Divisions.


84th Tng Div


85th Tng Div (The original Custer Division Patch)


89th Tng Div (The Red White and Blue Patch)


104th Tng Div



The Army Corps (The Administrative Corps' that commanded and controlled reserve units from the late 50s to the late 60s)


IV Corps


VI Corps


X Corps


XIII Corps


XV Corps


XIX Corps

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I took a OD border 35th Division patch and noticed it was slightly larger than the thread location holes. I know people relocated after the war. Could it be possible that a 35th Division patch was there since it was in a local central Missouri estate auction. I noticed that there was a light tan colored shirt behind this coat that had a Missouri State Guard patch. I do not know if they were together before. The guy told me he got them at the same auction.

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That's one more shoulder patch grouping I forgot to mention, the circular shoulder patches of the Headquarters National Guard, there's a lot of those, these patches coming out in the 50s.



These are


Alabama HQNG


Colorado HQNG


Georgia HQNG


Hawaii HQNG


Idaho HQNG (1st Design is Circular)


Iowa HQNG (1st Design is Circular)


Kansas HQNG


Maryland HQNG


Montana HQNG


New York HQNG (1st Design is Circular)


Tennessee HQNG


Texas HQNG


Utah HQNG (1st Design is Circular)

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