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Canadian service to USAAF Bombardier

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Got this grouping from a good friend. I posted other information about him about on the "Groupings" listing.


Clyde A. Maples. Served 391 days in the Canadian forces before exiting to become a Bombardier.


My question, if he served that many days, wouldn't he eventually be entitled or eligible for a Canadian WW2 service medal? The discharge paper says, no awards. Could he have petitoined at a later time? I guess maybe after he left and was eventually in the Air Force that these guys moved on and it wasn't important.


I've put this over on ebay so it is available.


His ribbon bars I got with the group are early and I know he was in until 1958 so there are holes in them any way. No Airlift medal (even though he has the Occupation w/ Berlin device), no National Defense or Korean War associated medals. I'd like to know what his final rack looked like.





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I've had one group like this and the fellow received his War Medal quite a while after the war had ended (the medal itself was authorized in August 1945). Since the requirement was 28 days active service in the armed forces, he would have easily qualified for it.

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I believe that serving in the Canadian military that he would have been entitled to the War Medal and the Volunteers' Medal (without o/seas bar).

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He only needed to serve 28 days of continuous service for the War Medal, but for the volunteer medal he needed 540 days (basically 18 months) of service, so he should’ve at least been awarded the War Medal.





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