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WW2 era .50 cals from ranges. And a few 20mm too.

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Obtained these from a gentleman I found on Craigslist. He said he had "some" 50 cal spent rounds he had picked up from some of the WW2 ranges in western Idaho. When I stopped by to pick them up I was surprised to say the least. And I did not get all of them. So far all of the 50s are WW2 head stamped and some of the 20mm are 44-45 or 51-53. He was planning on selling everything for scrap. First off are the 50s as found...






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And the final result will be this or something similar. I have done this to some other brass that I have received from people that picked them up from some of the eastern Idaho ranges. But slugs over here are pretty much non existent. As are links. But I picked a couple of hundred slugs at a couple of auctions, most all of which appeared to be spent tracer rounds as they are hollow. And found a few links and bought more. As I get the new stuff cleaned up I will build more belts




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Here is a representation of the 20mm casings that he had. Only had about two dozen of these with 4-5 being steel cases. They are too corroded to see any headstamp info. And only one slug that was not in very good shape. Plus some links of two different types that I am not familiar with. Can any one fill me in on these?



As can be seen I have a lot of work too do. Some of the cases and slugs will be left as found and displayed individually. So far I have RA, LC, TW, and U headstamps on the 50s and all are 42-44 dated that I have checked so far. The links clean up fairly well and have a bunch of stampings on them that I neglected to photo yet.



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