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Named Navy aviator and other Veterans Day surplus store finds


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The trip proved very fruitful and I happened to find another navy aviotor uniform that I pulled from the rafters for $30. I personally think that the pair of bullion wings on this uniform are significantly more attractive then the first due to the rolled metal that forms the top of the wings. Both jacket and pants are named to G B Hurlbut and dated 8/1945 which I beleive is Gordon Buckland Hurlbut whose obituary says that he was a navy flight instructor during ww2, however his rank is listed as Lt. J.G. so if it is him he must have been promoted from ensign at some point.



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This medic's ripstop jacket that was 1969 dated also caught my eye. It must not have been used in Vietnam because it probably wouldn't be in such good shape if it had been but its still neat.



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Finally this 24th division shirt caught my eye as I was leaving. I thought it might be theater made and worth that risk since it was only 5$. I figure I can probably recreate the ribbon bar that is missing and will have a nice shirt from someone who was a Korean War vet.


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