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Question about small ATC Wings grouping find at flea market

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In the latest ASMIC Trading Post (Oct-Dec 2019) starting on page 39 is a great article on ATC (Air Transport Command) insignia by David O. Hill. I was hoping it might answer a question I've had regarding the authenticity of the below grouping of ATC insignia I purchased rather cheaply at a flea market a number of years ago. These wings and the cap piece are not bronze like the genuine pieces are supposed to look like yet these wings have age with wear, patina and one clasp is missing the inner rotating piece that you frequently come across on WW2 era flight wings so I don't think they are reproductions. The pins are of the type that only open up halfway. They aren't hallmarked unfortunately and they have the same coloration as normal USAAC flight wings. They have never had a bronze finish. So my question is did the ATC only wear bronze wings?








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I have owned quite a few ATC wings over the years, and other than the fact they are not bronze these look good to me. Very weird.

Paul Conrad
Still looking for quality wings!


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I don't see any problems. I believe that the guys who wore these wings were contract civilian pilots from the various airlines. TWA, American, PAN AM, etc. It is entirely possible that some of the wings weren't bronzed. I have an ATC pilot wing that is more greyish-green than bronze.



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Not sure the purpose of the silver color, but there's an older collector in my area that has like two cap badges and four wings that he bought from the Vet's son. His have a really weird silver finish, unlike these, but silver in color nonetheless. They are otherwise identical to USA made versions. Again, his came directly from the son. Best ABN



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just a word of caution guys----------- watch what you buy from that crook. he took me for several hundred dollars on restored junk.






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