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Born April 9th, 1921 Chicago, Illinois

Enlisted June 20th, 1938 (17 years of age)


Once enlisted he would be in the 2nd Defense Battalion in San Diego, Ca. (Marine defense battalions were United States Marine Corps battalions charged with coastal defense of various naval bases in the Pacific during World War II. They maintained large anti-ship guns, anti-aircraft guns, searchlights, and small arms to repel landing forces.) Warren would be Medically Discharge in February of 1941 due to a cyst at the base of his spine that would require surgery. After surgery he would try and re-enlist several times and each time would be declared medically unfit for active duty. Until February of 1944 he was finally cleared to re-enlist into the Marine Corps. Between the time he wasnt able to re-enlist he would work as a tool marker. He would have been constructing, repairing and calibrate machine outfitting tools at a place called Victor Adding Machine Co. So he would still be contributing to the war even though he couldnt fight at the time.

Once re-enlisted he would go through basic training and also go through to complete courses which were rubber boat course, Engineer course, and carpentry course. After basic he would be sent to help the occupation of China and Japanese homeland.


Thank you for your service!




Actively Collecting USMC items belonging to Ohio Personnel!

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