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WWII Marine FMF-PAC Uniform

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Marion Arthur Noel


Born: July 19th, 1916

Birthplace: Green County, Indiana


First enlistment: December 6th, 1935


Marion would head off to Parris Island to complete training. Once down there he would be apart of the 1st Signal Co. in Virginia from 1936-1937, and from 1937-1939 he would placed as a fireman for the camp. December 11th, 1940 he would be transferred to Headquarter Co. 1st Bn, 5th Marines and be off to San Diego, California and switched to active duty as he was just reserves before hand. June 16th, 1941 he would be transferred to 1st Bn, 6th Marines, 1st Marine Brigade and would reach Iceland July 12th, 1941. While Marion was traveling the United States and the world. His 70 year old fathers health would quickly decline which resulted in Marions mother, Janie Noel, to write the War Department to try and get her son back home to help support the family and help with the farm. The letter written to the War Department would be successful as he would be on his way home shortly after the written letter from his mother. After one year and Pearl Harbor happened he felt the need to serve his country once more! On December 1st, 1942 he would enlist again. He would be one his way to train at Camp Elliot, California, and later become apart of the 90MM Group 2nd Airdrome Battalion. And later on he would embark and head to the Island Tinian. He would participate in the occupation of Tinian on August 2nd, 1944. And once the Island was taken over he would be apart of the 17th AAA Battalion and help defend the island from multiple Bomb Raids from the Japanese on November 3-7, 27-29 and December 7, 25-26 of 1944. He would later be honorably discharged in October of 1945.


In the pictures below shows what he looked like when enlisting into the Marine Corps. And a hand written letter from his mother as I explained above what it was for.


Thank you for your service Marion Noel!



Actively Collecting USMC items belonging to Ohio Personnel!

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Another great uniform with great history. Thank you for sharing this Marine's story.



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