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WWII Marine Dress Greens DUKW Co.

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James Gordon McAnalley


Born: December 14, 1913

Death: April 11th, 1998

Birthplace: Clarksville, Arkansas

Enlisted: January 14th, 1942


Before the war James operate heavy trucks hauling dirt, oil, and freight for the Clarksville Produce Co. Once the war started he would enlist and be sent to San Diego. At Camp Pendleton James would become part of the Military Police for a short period of time. From there he would join the Amphibious DUKW Co. He would be a driver for the famous amphibious vehicles that the allies called them Ducks. James would later participate in the battle of Saipan and Tinian as well.


I am very happy to have this uniform in my collection! It seems to be on the rarer side finding this patch on a uniform named to the gentleman that was in the DUKW Co.


The pictures below show his uniform and pictures of his file showing what he did and where he had been. The vehicle pictured is what he would have driven. The reason the Military used these vehicle in the pacific theater was to get over the coral reefs better.


James McAnalley thank you for your service!



Actively Collecting USMC items belonging to Ohio Personnel!

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