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USS Cero (SS-225) - Thomas Crymes Jones, Jr.

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My latest grouping and project is this WWII (and later) submarine group. Thomas Crymes Jones, Jr., entered the US Navy as a Midshipmen in September 1941. His first assignment as an Ensign was aboard the USS Copahee. I believe he was aboard when it was commissioned and served through sometime near the end of 1942.


As a Lt(jg) he attended the submarine school. His original certificate for the underwater escape course is below.


He was assigned to the USS Cero and was aboard for her Fourth and Fifth War Patrols. After the USS Cero, her was transferred to another submarine but I have not been able to find that information yet.


As a LCDR he was assigned to the USS Chivo (SS-341) and was aboard when she sailed to Suva, Fiji Islands, Guam and Japan during a simulated war patrol in 1947.


He was in command of the USS Thornback (SS-418) when it was recommissioned as a Guppy II-A in October 1953.


He was transferred to the Pentagon in 1965 and remained there until his retirement.


I am trying to locate information on the other submarine he served on during WWII.


I also believe at some point he was in command of an APA... but still searching for that information as well.


Enjoy the pictures and if you have any information you can pass my way I would certainly appreciate it!





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Photo of Submarine Squadron Ten, Staff, as well as another photograph. I'm still trying to ID Thomas Crymes Jones, Jr., .... any help out there? Or any other photos out there someone may have?



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