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315th Cavalry Collar Disc

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Very short lived regiment. Was brought back later, but for this time frame there can't be many of these floating around. I've collected for many years and this is the first I've gotten a hold of.


Shortly after the United States entered World War I, the regiment was constituted in the National Army on 18 May 1917 and organized on 30 March 1918 at Fort D.A. Russell, commanded by Colonel Walter Cowan Short. It was broken up on 19 August 1918 into the 71st and 72nd Field Artillery Regiments and the 24th Trench Mortar Battery. All three artillery units were demobilized at Camp Knox on 30 January 1919.



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Very cool. Short lived probably why it looks so good.

Thanks. Camera makes it look better than it is. But definitely wasn't worn for an extended period of time. Probably got most of its "wear" from sitting in a drawer.

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