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Save or Shoot - Kings Mills Ord. Carbine Ammo

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full boxes are collector ammo. try to sell to ammo collectors.






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Definitely wouldnt shoot it, worth much more in its current shape

Check out my eBay page, I sell military insignia and just about anything else I come across

Link: https://www.ebay.com/sch/fitzkeemilitaria/m.html?item=223497878518&hash=item340982fbf6%3Ag%3ASs4AAOSw-llcxhqe&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562


Please check out my web page as well for more items for sale



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Repacked is ammo that was issued, opened from its original container, not used, re-inspected, re stamped and reissued. WW2 head stamped ammo is getting very hard to find. WW2 carbine ammo less common than .30 cal M2. Not much interest to militaria collectors, but cartridge collectors and firearm collectors will pay well for original ammo to display with their vintage firearms. Eg, I put a bandoleer w / lot card of pristine M2 ball dated Den 1943 here up for sale at $75, no interest. It sold in a day on a gun board for $125.

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Never knew that about King's Island...!

Looking for the following:

452nd and 447th Bomb Group items

Anything 12th Armored- especially uniforms

155th Assault Helicopter Company, Camp Coryell, or Ban Me Thuot Vietnam items[/center]

WWII US Navy Uniforms from the Battle Off Samar: USS Johnston DD-557, USS Hoel DD-553, USS Samuel B. Roberts DE-413, USS Heermann DD-532, USS Dennis DE-405, USS John C. Butler DE-339, USS Raymond DE-341, USS Fanshaw Bay St. Lo, White Plains, Kalinin Bay, Kitkun Bay and Gambier Bay...


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The Kings Mills plant was closed in 1944. Today, some of the buildings still exist on the river just below the Kings Island property. The shot tower for making cannon balls in the 19th century still stands, and several of the buildings still have the "Peters Cartridge Company" name on the side. I live about an hour south of the site and have visited it several times. Neat piece of history.


The repack stamp was added to the boxes when they were removed from the original wooden shipping boxes and repacked in spam cans for shipment overseas or long term storage. I have several boxes of the carbine ammo, some stamped and some not, as well as an original wooden shipping box. Kings Mills carbine ammo was made from 1942-1944, total production around 790 million rounds. It is desirable to ammo collectors, especially if the box is in good shape, as your is. Nice example.

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