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64th Coast Artillery 1936, 37

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I am scanning a photograph album kept by my grandfather from his time in the service from 1935 to 39. Most of his pictures are 1936,37 when he was attached to Battery G, 64th Coast Artillery AA at Fort Shafter Territory of Hawaii. While not all of the pictures are strictly military I think it gives a good glimpse of pre-war Hawaii and should be quite interesting. I have a fair bit of material still to scan in the album plus loose items so I will periodically update but thought you all would be interested. The gun batteries were evidently 3" anti-aircraft. Had he stayed in, he almost certainly would have been in the attack on Pearl Harbor. I omit family pictures, pictures of individual soldiers (except for a few due to background) and pictures of random bushes (yes you read that right). But some of the random island pictures are very cool. If the random photos of a 1930s soldier are not on topic enough feel free to remove but it seems relevant enough. First batch of photos will be directly related to field exercises (64th CA plus some parading at Schofield involving planes and tanks). Second batch will be devoted to camp life. Third batch will be general Hawaii of the 1930s.


First batch: mounted 3" guns, two pictures of soldiers on a parade grounds, 3" in firing position, and a rear picture of one mounted






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It must have been an interesting time to be in the military. You see canvas and leather leggings, WWI wraps, and tall lace-up boots, often together. In this next batch we have: Cue and Gregus in front of their tent, my grandfather in front of the G Battery fire engine apparatus, Sebastian Sanfillipo in full dress on guard duty, and a photo and close-up of a searchlight lit night parade






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These are general island pictures when papa was on leave. He took some really interesting photos, first we have Amelia Earhart's plane from the first attempt around the world after she crashed in Honolulu, then we have several photos of sugar cane operations,





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