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M1909 FA blanks, dated 1941, from a recently opened crate.

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I was able to get a few of these from an opened crate. Unusual as they are 1941 FA dated. They are unopened boxes, and have the brass pre- WW2 stripper clips. The lot number is surprisingly low. A+ condition. If you are a cartridge collector you know the rarity. A shipping label shows being shipped to " Air Corps, Ft. Ord". Excess to my needs will be posted in the FS section.post-180924-0-32715300-1572718432_thumb.jpeg

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Added notes. WW2 ammo went from WW1 brass to steel stripper clips. Ammo has a corrosive primer. Post WW2 .30 blank ammo used expended 30.06 brass that was blank reloaded thus the reason why different head stamps are found in unopened boxes. 30.06 blank ammo was all expended many years ago for VFW burials, thus DOD had manufacturers make M1909 blanks to keep up with burials and VFW commanders can request modern manufacture ( crimped ) blanks for burials. These have very nice early war labels, and the seller claims he aquired the unopened crate years ago from the film industry which was shooting a film in the Phillipines.

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