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Flight Jacket, B-24 Crew jacket


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I'm looking to get a flight jacket made up in honor of my Great Uncle James. He was a member of the 761 squadron, 460th BG (aircraft #42-51408) Dinah Might.


He was shot down over Poland on the 9/13/44 mission, bombing Oswiecim, Poland - later a POW in Stalag 14. In my research, I found a webpage made by a surviving officer of the crew. If anyone is interested, the page is pretty informative regarding this specific incident. Apparently there is now a monument in Poland, honoring the American crew of this crash; of which my Uncle was a part of.


Anyway, back to my jacket questions. Since he was a nose gunner, I'm pretty sure he was a TSG. I know this information is easily obtained and I'm pretty sure I have it some where.


Since he was an NCO? what type of flight jacket would he have worn? B-3?


Does anyone have an image of the 761 squadron? I'm really interested in finding a good image of the 761 squadron emblem! The 460th emblem is easily found.


Also, if anyone has any connections to 460th vets, I would love to reach out to them if possible.


A big thanks for all your help!




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Also, one more question!


What companies do you all recommend for a jacket?


-Buzz Rickson

-Good Wear




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Yup, it sure is. That's incredible! I can't believe it was on Ebay. :( How did I miss that?! Thanks for that link. Thats really something cool even if the jacket has been turned into a Patton replica.

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