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WWI Purple Heart 138th Infantry 35th Division

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This is the first time I have a bought WWI Purple Heart and want to make sure it is real. Any help would be appreciated I emailed Redbird research after asking a board member how to get Award cards (Thanks dhcoleterracina). There is not alot of information on this Soldier except for one article I could find about him being one of 200 men to participate in the Trench Raid At Hilsenfirst the first battle of the 35th Division in WWI. Outside of that pretty much nothing . Purple heart is numbered 8184


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I don't think you would ever have to worry that a group like this one would be a fake. Finding the medals that are still in the boxes is outstanding. I think you've hit a winner here.



Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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That is a great looking group!



!!!! WANTED !!!!

WWII Prisoner of War items : Medals, Mail, Diaries, Photos, Documents, Scrapbooks + More

WWII Naval Aviation Groupings : Medals, Documents, Scrapbooks, Photos, Flight Logs, Flight Jackets + More




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Thanks! They had the boxes and thats why I bid on them not sure I would have if they didnt , I was hoping the boxes would have some documents hidden inside . There was 2 helmets also but I did not bid on those. I wish I had now.

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Based on the newspaper article it seems as though he was from St. Louis. As a Missourian this pleases me. Very nice group, Pip!

Wanted: Missouri Medals


I am always in search of Missouri Medals and Items. This could be anything from WW1, WW2, Prisoners of War, Ephemera, or anything pertaining to Missourians.


I thank you for your time and consideration.


-Without a witness, they just disappear.-




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Thanks! Looks like the 138th Infantry is a St Louis regiment and was called the St Louis Grey's in the Civil War . Wiki shows this for them in WWI


After the war's end, the regiment returned to its home station in St. Louis. On 8 July 1922 the U.S. Army approved the 138th's Regimental Coat of Arms along with the regimental colors. The coat of arms is an infantry blue shield with an equestrian statue in profile of King Louis IX of France, the namesake of the City of St. Louis. The actual statue sets in front of the St. Louis Art Museum in Forrest Park. The regiment's motto, "St. Louis’ Own" alludes to the historical home of the regiment and serves as a recognition if its history – nearly all the original members of the regiment were St. Louisans as were its Medal of Honor recipients. The regiment's official designation as the "First Missouri" also stands as testament to its former name – Missouri's first, and now only, infantry regiment.

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The AGO card does not provide the serial number of the Purple Heart Medal William Klockau received. It does give his award date and his Wounded in Action date


The WIA 7970 indicates the number of Purple Hearts awarded for combat wounds, as of that card

The No 8220 indicates the number of Purple Hearts awarded for wounds and the Meritorious Service Citation Certificate, as of that card


The serial number, 8184, of the Purple Heart is close to the No number, and is pretty common


This info is courtesy of Fred L Borch and his article on The First Purple Hearts, from the JMOSA, Vol 56, Jan-Feb 2005, number 1

- Looking For USMC "Rim Numbered" GCM 26922 & USMC Yangtze Service Medal MNo1086 - - Looking for Attributed - US Campaign Medal Groups - Army or USMC WW 1 Silver Star & Purple Heart Medal Groups and WW 1 Groups with Mexican Campaign Medal or Mexican Border Service Medal




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