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M1926 Lifebelt, different versions?

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I have a question concerning the M1926 lifebelts, There seem to be two diiferent versions. One with three "snaps" and the other one with two "snaps". They look the same but on closer inspection the inflating tubes are positioned differently. Are the 3-snaps earlier productions? There seems to a debate about what type was used during D-Day. I have tried to find answers on this forum and aslo on the internet. I hope that someone can provide an answer , or point me in the right direction.

Please see attached images.


First image, top to bottom:


1. No Mfg. mark. Dated: OCT 27 1944. Three snaps Green colored buckle (?) Bought in Holland.

2. Master Tire and Rubber Co. Dated OCT 9 1944 (army issue). Two snaps. With Combat Serviceability stamp (?) Bought in Normandy

3. Eagle Rubber Co. Dated: NOV 23 1943 (NAVY issue) Three snaps. Still has original c02 cannisters inside. Bought in Sicily, (provenance: Scogliatti, part of Operation Husky.)



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