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Ever saw a Russian Lend-Lease 5-cell TSMG pouch in transitional colors?

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Found this one in a pile of 100 plus pouches sold by an Eastern European dealer. The US marking is fake, but I never saw a 5-cell with these colors so I bought it just for the heck of it.


Always looking for mint condition WW2 US combat gear, equipment, helmets and uniforms -

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Very cool find! Are there green 5 cell pouches? I don't think I have ever seen one.

Looking for items related to the 161st Infantry Regiment

(aka NGW; Washington Territorial Militia 1855-1886; 1st/2nd Infantry Regiment, Washington 1886-1898; 1st/2nd Regiment, Washington Volunteer Infantry 1898-1899; 1st/2nd Infantry Regiment Washington National Guard 1899-1917)

and 36th Infantry Battalion/Regiment



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You'll have to take a look inside the big loop were the pistol belt sides threw for any manufacturing ink stamp?


Sure looks like a late War US military canvas made piece. I have a 1945 Harian transitional made cartridge belt has exactly the same colors.


Cool find!

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