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1914 USMC cartridge belt


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Interesting belt. Looks like a m1907 USMC belt being khaki but being dated 1914. I thought 1914 USMC web gear was pea green in color?

Nice find.


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US Victory Museum

It appears to be in very good condition, and would make a wonderful display accessory for a display

commemorating the "banana republic campaigns" of the USMC in Haiti and Nicaragua.


This demonstrates that the USMC continued to use this long serving belt after the Army had adopted

the 1910 .30 Cal. dismounted cartridge belt. Most of the belts that I have seen, and the one that I own,

bear only the ink stamped Mills logo. The buckle tab of my early belt has patent dates ending in Jul 16 '07.

Is yours the same?


Likewise, the Mills #202 suspenders for USN & USMC also were likewise long serving, as I have also

seen some dated 1914. Both belt, as well as suspender, remained khaki unlike the army accouterments

which were olive/pea green in color.


Congratulations for your collection addition.



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The Marines also adopted a 1910 pattern belt in pea green adding a pocket so that it is a ten pocket belt as opposed to this belt, which appears to be a nine pocket P1907. The 1910 belt was the one used in France predominantly and was essentially used up making them a bit more difficult to acquire. Serious Marine collectors will try to acquire an example of each. I too find it interesting the Marines were still making this one after the release of the P1910. Nice example!

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Meant to add that according to photographic evidence by end of WWI, most Marines returning from France are seen wearing the army style lift the dot cartridge belt as a replacement to the ega snap.

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