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Mortars and misc. collection. WW2-Present.

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Mortars, WW2 era- present day. Many have the matching tubes and crates, but not enough room to squeeze it all in. Some rare, some common. I will post ID and " M" numbers in detailed pics. I assembled these as a general guide in identification.post-180924-0-75578800-1572114255_thumb.jpeg

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Illumination and training rounds.Top: 60mm M766 Short Range ( SR) training, 60mm M83A1 Illum 1969, 81mm M880 short range training.

Bottom: 4.2" Illumination M335A2 1980, 81mm NATO Illumination NR164A1 w/ powder charges, 81mm M816 IR Illumination.post-180924-0-71222700-1572115385_thumb.jpeg

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Top: HE 81mm: M889 w/ M935 fuze 1987, M821 w/M734 multi-option inert fuze 1990 , M362 w/M524 fuze 1966, M374A1 w/M567 fuze 1969. USMC/ Navy were issued primarily this model.

Bottom: 60mm: M49A1 HE 1942, M302 WP, M720 HE 1979.

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