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11th Photo Section / 4th Obs Sqdrn - Luke Field, T.H. - Photo album

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Here are some photo's from a nice album I picked up yesterday. The album belonged to Carl Johnston (or John Carl Johnston?) who was with the 11th Photo Section and the 4th Observation Squadron at Luke Field, T.H., during the approx years of 1929 and 1930. I haven't been able to find any information on his yet, but he was an enlisted man.


He was a welter weight boxer with the 65th Service Squadron as well.


Anyone have any information on him, please let me know if you could!


Thank, Jeff



These are of the front and rear covers of the album. The one that follow are various pictures of aircraft, Luke Field and the Hawaii area.





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Nice album, I've also posted several 11th photo section, 4th Observation squadron, Luke Field, etc, albums on the forum.


You'll find this interesting in researching your album and the squadrons based at Luke Field HISTORY OF THE US ARMY AIR CORPS IN HAWAII DEPT


Luke Field, Territory of Hawaii, was renamed to differentiate it from Luke Field, Arizona, and will be much more familiar to our members as Ford Island, Pearl Harbor Naval Station.

11th Photo Section 001.jpg

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