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Extremely rare one of a kind Vietnam MACV SOG SF berets with beautiful embroideries

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Here's a collection of one of a kind (but 3) named SOG berets with almost idenical embroidery designs from the later Vietnam period. All made from the same worksmanship and all made in 1970-1971. All three have a bombburst design different in name and the way the name is sewn inside. The detailed view of all 3 is really fascinating.


One beret is named to a LT who was part of CCC and TF2AE and it s documented by J. Hardy's website specialforceshistory.com.


The other two examples are named to one veteran I had the chance to get in contact with and call him two times. He didnt talk much about what he exactly did that time in Vietnam with SOG but he gave me some input and info that was enough for me.He made basic training in 1969. He told me he was quite young and an early out in early 1971. Independently he also confirmed that he got the embroideries done in Nha Trang which corresponds the fact of the single named beret that was identified also to be done in Nha Trang. Unfortunately the Vet is quite ill these days. I also got in conatct with his sister who sent me some old photos of her brother from the time in Vietnam in 1970-1971. I also have his Class A uniform.

Unfortunately the veteran is listed nowhere - neigher in the Who is Who nor anywhere else i ve seen so far. But that dosent bother me at all.

One of his berers has a vietnamese made 5th Gp flash on it - the other one does have an US made one.


Please enjoy





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Nice stuff. So youre saying that these style of embroidered berets are attributed to the Nha Trang area?


'A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon'


Always looking for Vietnam War US Special Forces/MACV-SOG jungle shirts/uniforms and OG107 Shirts/uniforms.












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Nice stuff. So youre saying that these style of embroidered berets are attributed to the Nha Trang area?

Thank you Ryan,

yes, that s what J Hardy stated or researched and what I could independently reseach by the confirmation of the veteran. So what I summarize so far in regard to the markmanship of all three embroideries is that there must have been a taylor shop or similar where such designs were made in this manner.

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