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Mike Force patch Vietnam

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This rare patch was given to me by a long time close Marine friend of mine. "May he rest in Peace"

These were for indigenous forces recruited by Special Contract Personnel, 3 an 4 tour ex marines/military personnel now working as contract guys out of Thailand. They worked for different government departments & agency'spost-4755-0-77675400-1571940301.jpgpost-4755-0-66999800-1571940331.jpg, mostly around the 1970 to 1974 time frame.

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Cool. It looks real to me but I will let the experts chime in.


The Koho (and Rhade you mentioned) are an indigenous group, one of many in the Central Highlands, recruited and trained by USSF. There was no Thai connection. MGF stands for Mobile Guerrilla Force, later to merge with MIKE Force Commands, though the timeline is confusing.


The MIKE Forces were gone by Dec 1970. The MGF and MF were run by USSF, no outside agencies involved. By the time 5th Group left in March 1971, what were CIDG and MF units were transferred to ARVN Ranger Groups and called Border Rangers. Your friend may have picked up this patch in his travels.







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