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Identify this hallmark?


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Does anyone recognize this hallmark? In hand it looks like a "B" on the center shield. Above the shield is possibly the head of an eagle. Below the shield there appears to be a base of some sort. The photo makes it look like there might be a word in the base but in hand there is just the slight texture as on the rest of the back there. Sterling is stamped to the right of the hallmark.



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Your example looks similar to the early Harry Sugerman hallmark which has an "S" inside a shield with a crown on top. It is not an exact match, but something to compare.


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I think you may have figured it out. What I thought was a B could be an indistinct S, and the thing on top looks less like an eagles head and more like a crown in my second photo.

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The answer I received from Balfor was "Our company used to go through Stylecraft to make our pins and medals" and they suggested I reach out to that company for possible info. So the hunt for an answer continues.

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