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M6 scabbard repair

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Hello, anyone know of someone who is good at M6 scabbard repair? I bought a nice Barwood that is missing an inch of leather on the side of the belt slit. Seems like someone with skill and a stock of old leather bits could graft a piece in and make it presentable.


Thanks in advance!

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Contact Jerry Burney on the Luger forums. I’ve used him to restore a couple of Imperial German holsters. He’s excellent at leather repairs, and very reasonably priced.


Jerry Burney

636 Scenic Lane
Howard, CO 81233


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I generally agree to not mess with a item, but specifically bought this with the intention of repairing it. Maybe this will be the first and last time. Got it cheap enough that I wont get hurt much. Ill try the Luger guy. Thanks

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