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Strapping Shelter Half to Field Pack Question

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I recently got both a M1945 Field Pack and a shelter half and was wondering if there’s a specific way to fold the shelter half for attachment to the field pack? For the life of me, I can’t seem to do it right. I’m referring to folding them up like this:

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1.Lay out your shelter half.


2. Fold your wool blanket so it's roughly the same size as the rectangular mid-sections of the shelter half and lay it on top of the shelter half.


3. Fold the triangle ends of the shelter half over the blanket / shelter half. You should have a rectangle now.


4. Roll it up on the long side. The shelter half should keep your blanket fairly dry.


(You can do this without the blanket, but the roll will be lighter)


5. Center the roll on the top strap of the M1944/1945 pack. Secure top strap.


6. Fold sides down and secure with side straps. Should look like a horse shoe.

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I am going strictly off of memory but I believe that the Army FM 21-100 Basic Field Manual, Soldier's Handbook dated July 23, 1941 has illustrations on how to pack and store your gear along with a lot of other field and garrison tidbits of info.

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Thanks from the tips and suggestions guys. I attempted it doing it by the manual but the roll was too thick to fold over the pack evenly. I then tried like how Baron3-6 suggested and it came out better but too long so I re folded it shorter and it came out better. What do y’all think?

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