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WWII first aid kit contents

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just got an offer on this first aid kit contents, claimed WWII original, but the "PLASTIC BAND AIDS" got my attention. Are these possibly real WWII kits, or is someone messing with them?


The webgear cases have the same name as the tape on the package.


My other first aid kit like this one does not have the gear in a plastic container.


Maybe VN period?





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They are late 50's early 60's. If that is the same kit I saw on E Bay I am pretty sure it was put together by a boy scout using a couple of jungle kit first aid kit pouches. I think the have troop (number) written on them.






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those are the ones."TRP11" on the rear of the pouches and same name as tape on the plastic boxes. nice work by the Boy Scout -- for his needs, but not WWII, other than the pouches.


I notified seller of your info and suggested he change the listing.


"If it looks too good to be true..." and Caveat Emptor



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