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657th Glider artillery 11th Airborne Liaison pilot DFC/AM

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I snagged this off ebay with a BIN offer.

He was Killed in a car crash after returning from Korea .

Listed in several books for finding a missing unit on Leyte.

The angels pages 121-123

leyte 1944 the soldiers battle and Blossoming silk against the rising sun.

I believe these are the medals presented to his family after his death in 1951 since he was still in the service.

He is listed as a Major in some articles but I believe he was only a Captain at time of his death.

The OLCs on both medals match the listed on his Headstone 16 on air medal 3 silver (tarnished but silver)one bronze and 2 on DFC

so 100% sure this is the right guy.


Can moderators please fix title it should be 675th not 657th ! sorry !





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Amazing find, Scott. I tried looking into his Korean service, but can't find which unit he was with over there. His headstone application notes 143rd FA Bn, but that was CA NG and they didn't deploy until after Neff was killed. Though they were in Japan at the time.



Exhausting & Dirty Work

Interested in buying identified or re-searchable Korean War uniforms, groupings, medals and more.

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