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J.A. Dubow 1755 A2


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This was a FB market place find...

Solid leather, no rot, but some wear to the hide, still soft and flexible

good knits with minor mothing

good tag

good zipper

no patches or name tag ever sewn on

left shoulder decal removed


I love this A2 as it is the last Dubow contract, it has a great hide and all original hardware and knits

the FB sale had the A6 sheepskin boots, with straps, USAF mukluks, and a USAF K-2B all found in a footlocker at a yardsale, but no paperwork connecting the 60s flight gear with the WWII gear so I passed on the K-2B and mukluks, did get the boots and the A2


so it is possible the vet was a WWII vet that stayed in or was recalled until the 60s orr the A2 and boots are a reissue...but nothing on the A2 or boots say US Air Force as would be expected ...the only possible exception would be the missing shoulder decal...it could have been the US Air Force version I suppose



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boots are in unworn, or at least no wear to the sole, straps still have the black paint and the holes in the straps have not been elongated by the buckle post

one zip is blown out on the bottom sadly...tag A-6

These boots have remnants of the Army Air Force decal, not the USAF decal


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Thanks Bazelot...

Not sure if anyone noticed...but the epaulette boxes are different in length...the right shoulder as worn, is shorter than the left ...wartime production...

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