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I'm curious if anyone knows much about the cast iron submarine models that were given out related to the Submarine service.


I have two cast iron submarine models that were passed to me when I was a kid from my grandmother whose husband, my grandfather, was lost as commander of the USS Shark 174 in the early days of WWII. Story here. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/278728-two-months-and-two-generations-to-eternity-the-shanes-the-shark-ss-174-and-a-sampson/


One pictured below, has inscribed on one side of the base U.S.S. Triton and on the other side of the base N.Y. Portsmouth N.H.


I guess the N.Y is not New York but Naval Yard? The USS Triton SS-201 was build at the Portsmouth Navy Yard from 1939 to 1940. While my grandfather never served on the Triton (at least it's not in his service records) his father was a Captain in charge of the yards at one time but a good 10 years earlier than when the Triton was build.


I'm guessing that he still had friends there anyway and so I can guess how my grandfather ended up with a Triton model that I now have.


Photo of one side


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I've seen models like the Triton above pretty frequently. There is one just like if for example on the museum ship USS Lionfish. I think I saw one on the museum ship Nautilus.


The design of the model very closely resembles any of the Fleet Submarines starting with the U.S.S. Cachalot SS-170 though the Gato class until the sail was redesigned to look like the classic Gato and Balao classes.


Anyway, it appears the navy made lots of these though I don't know who would get them.


The oddity I have is in the photo below.


When I was a kid I was told it was the USS Shark that my grandfather was lost on. But over the years I've decided I don't believe it. The model below looks not a whole lot like any US Submarine around that era. But it sort of resembles the older S boats made in the 1920's. My grandfather did serve on the S-25 so I wonder if this model is supposed to be an S Boat?


Unlike the Triton model, there is no inscription of any kind.


In any case, I have never seen another like it. I wonder if anyone knows more about this particular style of model.





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