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3 Bayonets


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I bought a group of military items recently and these bayonets were in them . I dont know much about bayonets and was wondering if anyone could identify what these are? One has a tag from a prop company and some paper work so maybe its a reproduction of some sort?


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I'm not certain about the center bayonet but the other two appear to be non-U.S. You will have much better luck posting them on the World Militaria Forum: http://www.worldmilitariaforum.com/forums/

Interested in items related to:

-Amarillo A.A.F. / Amarillo Air Force Base

-Military instillations located in the Texas Panhandle, South Plains, and West Texas.

-"F" Company, 142nd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division (Texas National Guard)

-413th Civil Affairs Battalion (USAR)


In Memoriam:

CSM Juan H. Hernandez - U.S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam

RM1c William C. Denney - U.S.S. McDermut (DD-677) Korea


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First instead of German looks Italian, 3rd I think it British or Aussie not sure

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I think the left is a Carcano bayonet and the right is a FAL. The center one could be any number of socket bayonets is it 3 or 4 edged?

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The first bayonet is indeed Italian, M1891 Mannlicher-Carcano. The scabbard made in 1940. The lettering preceeding the 1940 indicates the arsenal where it was made, but I can't exactly read it. The third bayonet, which is a FN FAL Type C bayonet from the 1960's, could be Dutch. I cannot see the full serial number. If the number is preceeded by KM, it is Dutch Navy.

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Looks like the middle one could be a US model 1855 bayonet. It is missing the locking ring. If a penny slides through the socket, it will fit a .58 springfield. If not it, its for the .45-70 trapdoor.

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Thanks ! for the FAL info I do not see any letters on the inside


Thanks for the info on the middle one. It came with this part I wasnt sure if it went with the bayonets



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