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I am wondering if anyone recognizes this Distinctive Insignia and knows what unit it is for? When I purchased it at a military show it was part of a pair and I was told by the seller that it was Czechoslovakian made for a detached MP or Engineer company serving in the area but that he had never figured out which unit it was for. The insignia was either meant to be sewn on or had a pin running between the holes as I have seen some other Czechoslovakian ww2 badges having. I have searched on ASMIC with no luck so I thought it might be worth posting here.



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I believe that you are right and I beleive it did use to be painted, the textured band has some yellow tint to it in the recessed areas that I think might be the remnants of paint. Unfortunately if there was any other paint it wore off at some point. I will try to add another picture showing the color as well as the fact that this pin is extremely similear in size to most distinctive insignia.


(Never mind the color doesn't really show up when the image got resized but it is in the circle area.)


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Does anyone have an oppinion on whether or not this is really a distinctive insignia or not? Has anyone seen one of similear construction before?

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