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Experimental DCU Field Jacket?

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Recently picked up this DCU M-65 field jacket. The jacket itself looks pretty standard, but the only tag in the jacket is a large white tag that says large regular. Thought it might be experimental because I've seen other experimental jackets with similar tags, but I'm not 100% sure. Regardless, it's still a neat jacket. If you would like to see more photos feel free to ask.


- Jakob




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I know that the Cavlary Store was selling these around 1991. Obviously, this isn't an issue piece based on the labels. I'd assume that this is a commercial piece made for those who stayed in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait after Desert Storm and into Operation Southern Watch.



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I know the Army issued DCU field jackets when I deployed in 2004. We were even given the option of having a DCU field jacket as well as a DCU Gore-Tex parka. I chose the parka only.


When we returned to CONUS to outprocess at Fort Carson, the guys who had been issued the DCU field jackets were allowed to keep them as they were being dropped from the supply system. Of course our gore tex jackets had to be returned!


I'm pretty sure the DCU field jackets were never worn, as it never got cold enough in Kuwait for us to need them. As a result, those guys went home with brand new field jackets, hardly ever worn!


Englewood, CO

US Army 1980-2005

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