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Help with Unknown AEF Cuff Insignia

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I need some help. This one's an anomaly to me.


This unidentified soldier is decked out as if he was a member of the AEF. He's wearing puttees and an overseas cap, so there's a high probability that he is either on his way overseas or he actually made it to France.


His insignia is comprised of U.S. and crossed rifles infantry collar discs. There appears to be two different types of insignia on his overseas cap as well, but they're difficult to make out with any certainty. If I had to guess, I'd say that there's a U.S. officers' collar device on the right side of his cap and a sweetheart pin on the left.


The big mystery is what's on his lower right cuff? By the way, that's the cuff on which a wound chevron would be worn. So what is the diamond shaped insignia with a horizontal bar?


Guesses and theories are welcome because I don't have any real clues as to what that insignia/badge might be.


Thanks for looking ... World War I Nerd


Overall shot of the man, his uniform and his insignia. By the way, the image is printed on American postcard stock, on which there is nothing but random scribbling on the back.


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