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Hello from albatrosdva

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Ok, well this is probably somewhat dumb since I have technically been a member here since 2008 but when I joined I was doing research on a particular grouping and was not primarily collecting US military. Therefore I have not been on here much over the last 10 years and my interests have changed so I will re-introduce myself. Having studied 17th century firearms for the last 15+ years I have started collecting slightly more modern. I am primarily interested in technology, which, as a collecting criteria is convoluted and can be broadly defined but leads me to a love of aviation history. First World War to be specific though I have had WWII AAF over the years. You may or may not know my username albatrosdva. I have been under that handle on ebay since 2000 and on a dozen different sites as well. I love to research and will be glad to help ID the soldier from laundry numbers on uniforms (assuming there is enough info to make it possible). If you have firearms questions US or otherwise feel free to contact me. I don't believe in an "expert" qualification but I know at least a little bit about firearms starting in the late 1500s and going forward (though my firearm knowledge does not go beyond WWII (too modern lol)). I personally collect flintlocks of the 17th century (earliest lock I have is 1620s or early 30s, earliest complete pistol I have is 1630s though the stock is rough. (I'm eagerly awaiting a lovely complete musket of the 1670s and another 1630s-ish pistol). I started collecting when I was 12, when my grandfather died. He was US Army (Fort Shafter TH, 64th CA (AA)) from 1935 to Sept 1939 (he got out when the war in Europe started) and enlisted in the navy in 1944 (USS Knudson, Invasion of Okinawa). He kept everything and gave me a love of WWII history which developed in other directions over the years. Once I get his stuff together I will devote a post to him.

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