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Did a double take on this 513th P.I.R. patch

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I just saw this and felt it was too yellowish but then thought that maybe it was the lighting in the photograph so I decided to do a side by side with a know original and boy are they close. I guess some would say it could be a variant but I don't think so but I could be wrong so what does everybody else think? If this is a copy it is the first one of these copies I have ever come across as the other known copy is much different in construction.


Front of copy





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I am by no means an expert, but I am leaning towards a copy based upon the lack of detail on the face (original has red eyes and mouth and the mouth is more defined) and the gun/bayonet is more detailed in the known original. Just my opinion and I will be interested in what the experts say...



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There is no doubt that the patch that started the thread is indeed a reproduction. The repro made by "At The Front" is scary good from an embroidery standpoint, but the base material and backing make it easy to spot. The one that started the thread has obviously been digitized and then executed on twill. It is easy to see that a less experienced collector could be parted with his money quickly with a piece like this.



Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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I saw that too and thought maybe the picture lighting was off and maybe it was real.


Allan, by digitized you mean computer generated?


Are the areas of the head and canopy on the reverse tells that this is computer generated?







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You can see the computer "tells" on the mouse's head and in the parachute. The embroidery on the numbers is SCARY. If they ever get the little details fixed, this one could do a lot of damage to an inexperienced or unaware collector's wallet.



Never under-estimate the power of prayer.



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Certainly a scary repro for a new collector. Thanks for putting it out there for everyone to see!


+1- One of the biggest reasons to haunt the forum -and be an ASMIC member. Thanks for posting this.


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Thanks for posting this patch. Allan is dead on correct with his analysis on why it is computer generated and where to see exactly where to look. The helmet is best place to see the computer stitching.

So was this Nuts44 guy.

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Ive seen the fake posted above sell for big bucks multiple times on eBay. The cheesecloth on the back is almost close to looking good. But the stitching and color tell anyone whos seen an original that its fake. Excellent reference though

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