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Oklahoma City 2019


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I’m in Oklahoma City for the weekend of the 27th for the Texas Tech vs. OU football game. My schedule due to the game is a little tight but we will have Saturday late afternoon and evening available to explore Bricktown, which is walking distance from our hotel. Reading a thread from 2017 there seemed to be very little in regards to even any antique store having any militaria worth one’s time, let alone a dedicated surplus or dealer shop. I was wondering if anything has changed since then and if there are any stores or anything else military related worth visiting in downtown OKC. On a side note I am planning on visiting the OKC Bombing Memorial regardless, its been quite a few years since I last was there.


Thank you for any suggestions!



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This is the only place I've ever been that has quite a bit of military antiques/collectibles. He had some unique items in there when I went but it's been a few years ago. You might want to call before going to see what days they're open and hours. Good Luck!



2838 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107

(719) 510-6445




Boomer Sooner!

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Cap Camouflage Pattern I

Col Dick's Flea Market at the Cleveland County Fairground in Norman is open on Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.


It about 2 miles from the game.


It's a total gamble, sometimes it has nothing, something half the vendors are selling military gear.


There is no cost to enter, so if you have the time you may want to stop by and check it out.


There are 4 vendors who sometimes sell there who have almost exclusively military gear, but usually only 1 or two show up on any given day. Many other vendors have a few military items.


Most of the stuff available is Vietnam or newer, with much of the Vietnam stuff being quality and much of the newer stuff being rather boring surplus. But there are also a few WWI and WWII items to be found.

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Visit the 45th ID Museum in OKC area. It's really well and done and worth a visit if you have the time.


2145 NE. 36th St. Oklahoma City. The website is pretty poor but they have a good FB page if you want to scout a bit.



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