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Robertshaw 226 regulators


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Looking for info on the order of manufacture for these Robertshaw regulators. Both share the same model / patent #, however

they differ slightly in a couple of details as seen. There is a step in the body casting of one which is missing on

the other. Im curious if the step was put there to strengthen up the nipple from stress breakage? or something.

Guessing the one with the step would have come later in the manufacturing process. The one attached to the hose appears to be

missing the gasket that is evident on the other. Any thoughts?



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Since we’re on a mini regulator roll...I thought I would bring this thread back to the top. I have a non-stepped Robertshaw 20004 that would be 1964 or earlier and one that is stepped 20004-3 that is 1968. Anyone know when the change in design may have taken place?

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