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Jim Dye 4th FG Painting - Looking for the owner of his medals

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A bit of a long shot, but thought I’d post this here in the hopes that someone might see it and put me in touch with the current owner of Capt. James Dye’s medals.

Jim Dye was my Dad’s second cousin. He originally flew Spitfires as a member of the Eagle Squadron, and later, flew Mustangs with the 335 FS, 4th FG. He’s credited with three kills, one of which is the subject of this painting depicting his March, 1944 shootdown of the JG 1 Fw-190 flown by Oberleutnant Hermann Segatz. The painting is an original done in 1993 by aviation artist Stan Stokes.



A set of Jim’s wartime medals came on the market a few years back, but I don’t recall if it was here, on the WAF, or a similar forum. In any event, I’m hoping to eventually contact the current owner of the medals to see if, as a companion to the medals, he/she might be interested in purchasing this painting.

Any and all help appreciated,


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