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First Pattern Large LINCLOE Pack and Frame

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I’ve had the frame for a while and just recently picked up the pack.

This pack is the type mentioned on page 31 of C. A. Monroe and Craig Pickrall’s book “American Web Equipment 1967-1991”.

This is the first pattern large LINCLOE rucksack. The LINCLOE program was started in the mid 1960's to replace the cotton equipment with more lightweight nylon gear. In July of 1969 this pack and other gear were presented to the Officers at Fort Benning Georgia Infantry School. An NCO board was also established to recommend changes to the trial equipment. Several modifications were suggested to the pack and frame. The NCO board wanted three smaller pockets added to the pack above the three external pockets, they also recommended an additional backstrap to the middle of the frame.




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Medium LINCLOE pack and improved frame (left) compared to Large pack and first pattern frame (right). Note the added cross strap on the improved frame as suggested by the NCO board. The first pattern frame on the right also kept the rifle strap attachment that the old lightweight rucksack frame had.



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Those metal brackets/ latches are an interesting way of attaching the frame to the pack! I wonder if they thought those would be faster than straps?


Thanks for all the comments. In answer to this question the frame was designed from the beginning to be used with the pack or by itself as a packboard. The problem with the lightweight rucksack frame was that it was curved and it took time to remove the pack if the frame was to be used by itself. I have to say removing the pack from the frame is very simple and quick. In the end they felt it was a little to complicated and, I assume, they were worried about rough field use.


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