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Show off your rare/most valuable M1’s!

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another camo'd medics that Dean may recognize,






Still love the markings on this one !

"Rise and rise again until lambs become lions."


Always looking for ww2 USMC items, helmets and any camo'd items



"thinking outside of the box"


New website



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This is a M1 Cheater or Fake M1. Lightweight. 2 liners bonded to about an inch and a half

of the bottom of a front seam Schlueter.

Textured with bondo. Its a one piece. Liner does not come out.

Im thinking this one is extremely rare because Im guessing when done with them.. They were disposed of.

Plus Im thinking there were not that many made to begin with.


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Inside... Technically not an issue M1... But Definately a piece of American military History.

Some might look down their noses at this helmet. But to me it makes sense. If you have to do some non hazardous duty that did not require head protection... In other words if you needed it for eye wash... Then you needed an eye wash helmet. I think its a brilliant symbol of the infgenuity craftsmanship and inventiveness of the American Soldier.


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Secondly, my favorite, picked it up this summer in Normandy. It's a fixed bail ESB helmet with the white arc (painted twice), gas detection paint camo and NCO bar. Inside the shell there are still some small remnants of a name or number, but that's sadly too far gone to make out what once was painted there.





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I'll join


Battle damaged m1 helmet of Pfc Emlyn Jones, Company A, 317th Regiment, 80th Infantry Division, lightly wounded in the scalp in Macheren, France on November 30th, 1944 during the assault on the Maginot Line.






Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helmets_of_history/

Website: https://www.middleeastmilitaria.com


Interested in any middle eastern bringbacks

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