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"Pugnacious Puss" VP- 52 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina 1943 "Black Cat" Model

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Thanks, Lars, I'm looking forward to seeing it. This scan is all I have for now, I'll be taking delivery from Dennis at the same time as USS Olympia. He says there is some touch-up to do, and I believe he's going to build a base. Maybe get the Black Cat around Halloween, or at least before Christmas and the I-5 Tejon Pass to his place in Northern CA gets subject to snow closure or bad driving conditions. All the best, AB

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Here's some more Pugnacious Puss Photos from VP 52. Dennis actually built 2 different kits. The one with the diorama I believe is the Academy 1:72 kit, the one with the option of the spinning or stopped props is the Revel 1:72 kit.


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Thanks for posting a lot of great pictures. I like the use of the plastic for the spinning prop technique. Unfortunate for me my next plane project is a jet. I definitely want to try that technique.


Semper Fi.



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