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Research uniform indentification

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Alright, well, not knowing where to begin I will just dive right in, and probably ramble some. I love to research. There is nothing more gratifying than finding a uniform with just initials or a partial name or laundry number and figuring out who it belonged to. Honestly, to me, that hunt is more fun that the uniform. I know that may be a horrible thing to say but I don't mean it in a bad way. Being able to identify the uniform and giving the uniform, a person, a name, and with luck a face means so much. So here is what I offer: I work at a rather low key job and find myself getting on ebay and researching laundry numbers for fun and then if they can be id'ed I email the seller to let them know who it was. If anyone on here has a uniform that they just don't have time to research but has enough information that it might be identified let me know and I will research it, just for fun. No charge. I don't have infinite researches but I have time, NARA and WWII enlistment and findagrave and with that I can eliminate a lot of options if not totally identify the uniform. I'm not a miracle worker but I will spend a few hours trying to find out who it belonged to. Preferably all the uniform insignia is original so I am not chasing rabbit trails.

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Here's one. Not a dress uniform but I have one I've never been able to solve. I have a model 42 paratrooper jacket from WW II. I've had it for about 30 years. In the pocket was a hand written 3x5 index card saying:


507 P.D.


Garcia PFC






The laundry stamp is: G 1370.


I don't know what the P.D. (or it could be O) means. I assume they meant 507th Parachute Infantry regiment. I've tried to figure this one out before with no luck. The jacket was well worn with a 17th Airborne patch on the left shoulder. The 507th was assigned to the 82nd until after the Normandy campaign. After that they were assigned to the 17th Airborne who did fight at Bastogne but weren't part of Market Garden in Holland. So I'm not sure the card is correct but who knows, maybe this Soldier stayed with the 82nd and was later transferred to the 17th before Bastogne. Thanks.

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